Testimonials - What people have said about Holistic Yoga Retreats

This retreat has been absolutely everything I wanted and much more. Perfect surroundings, structure of the day, variety of activities led by two VERY inspiring, very friendly, supportive and approachable leaders - Michelle and Ollie. Thank you.
Katie G.
It was a joy to learn from Michelle. Her gentle and loving manner as well as her wealth of knowledge and experience helped to create a safe atmosphere of trust in which to learn and explore.
Claudia M.
The retreat was a wonderful experience. Michelle and Ollie were unstinting in their energy and enthusiasm, and together they filled the days with an amazing variety of activities. Their passion and humour made for an outstanding retreat experience in a beautiful setting.
Vicki B.
Group retreat
Musical instruments
I didn’t really know what to expect on retreat and it’s been challenging in different ways but Michelle and Ollie have provided guidance, wisdom, inspiration and laughter and I am taking so many things away from my experience - all of them positive. I’m glad that I have had this time to grow and reflect on what is important. Life matters - everyone should try this!
Anita C.
I had such a wonderful, rich experience. Ollie and Michelle gave so much love and compassion to the retreat and the group, I felt treasured. I went on a personal journey, and grew and learnt so much. I definitely recommend the experience.
Stephanie E.
Group singing session
I arrived stressed, exhausted, wound up and tense. The retreat process was not easy at times, but Ollie and Michelle were incredibly supportive, patient and kind. I left more relaxed, clear and calm of thought and happier than I’d been in ages. The food was wonderful too!
Formerly stressed-out civil servant of London.