About Meditation

For some people the idea of meditation can engender feelings of insecurity and resistance as they compare themselves to an image of a monk sitting serenely in full lotus posture and they imagine him to be resting blissfully with a completely silent mind.   However what people often don’t realize is that the monk has not necessarily succeeded in banishing all thoughts from his mind, rather he has learnt to sit in peace together with the restless wandering monkey mind. 

An approach effective in today’s busy life (which creates a generally busy mind) is not to aim to silence the mind but instead to learn to witness it.  At Holistic Yoga Retreats we offer a way into meditation that is accessible to all.  It is a form of meditation that encourages awareness of what is present with absolutely no judgement: an inclusive awareness that is allowing and compassionate.  The more we increase our acceptance of what is present,  the more resistance decreases, resulting in greater inner peace and joy.

Monk meditating
My meditation practice has developed so much as I finally understand how to release my previous expectations, doubts and constant questioning of "Am I doing it right?"
John G.