Yoga Therapy for Autism

What are the benefits?

Yoga is scientifically proven to have many positive effects on the brain, emotions and neuro-sensory system.
Yoga improve our sense of body awareness and motor-neutron organisation. The poses and breathing allow nervous energy to be released from the body in a calm way improving sensory integration and relaxing the nervous system. When the body makes the shift from 'survive' mode to 'thrive' mode we see improvements in digestion of food, the endocrine system produces coping hormones and the immune system works more efficiently.
Yoga facilitates self-awareness and hence can teach healthy self-regulatory techniques.

Michelle trained and qualified to work with children and adults on the autistic spectrum at Yo’tism. Her trainers have over 20 years experience in the field and have developed techniques that they have seen work from first-hand experience. Michelle has experience of teaching yoga to a diverse range of people from inner city kids to young teacher trainees to the elderly in Devon. She is keen to bring the many benefits of yoga to those in special need. She offers one-to-one and group sessions in South Devon. First session is always free and prices arranged on a sliding scale according to means.

Please contact Michelle 07986654068 to arrange your first free session.
Yoga works for me in such an amazing way; it really helps me to stay calm, centred and grounded. When I finally discovered yoga about five years ago, it really helped with my symptoms, I felt amazing after just one session. The more I did, the better I felt. Each time I did a session my ASD symptoms faded more and more until they were barely present at all. To the point where I sometimes would forget I was on the spectrum and that I was any different to anyone else. It was and still is only really noticeable sometimes in social interaction and communication.
David Ellams – Founder of Yoga4Autism
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Illustrations by Kathleen Rietz