A Summer Immersive - Yoga, Deep Rest, Holistic Living
Bala Brook, Dartmoor, Devon

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Would you like a Summer break that lets you really unwind and relax to a profound level?

Are you running on empty?

Do you need some time to stop and recharge?

The theme of this retreat is DEEP REST. All the practices we share will contribute to relaxation, rejuvenation and to restoring your whole system.

Open to everyone, our Summer Immersion offers you six days to immerse yourself in a wide variety of practices enabling profound transformations to occur and allowing you to return home refreshed and inspired.

The retreat offers a wonderful mix of practices and in this way offering a rich experience of holistic living. The asana practice will be gentle and restorative and the meditation practice will often take place lying down to facilitate profound relaxation on a cellular level and the chance to release somatically-held trauma. Meal times will offer the chance to eat mindfully and the evenings will be devoted to discussion, sharing, singing and ceremony.

You will receive a gentle and healthy detox as we share the healing practices of yoga and enjoy balanced cleansing food. Set at a stunningly beautiful and peaceful natural location, there will be time for silence, sharing and for music. Suitable for both beginners and the more experienced; individual attention will be emphasised.

The pace of the retreat helps participants to remain engaged throughout. The schedule is designed in such a way as to balance activity with rest, discussions and socialising with quiet, reflective time, and earnest inner exploration with fun and laughter.

The retreat experience can be deep and transformational, and we put a lot of care into setting up an environment that is safe, nurturing, friendly, relaxed and supportive. At Holistic Yoga Retreats, we are committed to promoting improved health, wellbeing and understanding, for the benefit of all sentient beings.

The food served will be delicious, nutritious and especially suitable for practitioners of yoga and meditation. It will be mostly organic and PEOPLE ON VEGAN AND GLUTEN FREE DIETS ARE MOST WELCOME! The food and practices will offer a gentle and healthy way to detox.

In the evenings we will enjoy the chance to sing together. With no need for musical ability, singing is a gentle form of exercise - it works the lungs and heart, oxygenates the blood and generates endorphins - happy hormones!

I had such a wonderful rich experience. Over five days I’ve learnt ways of thinking and being which I know will change and influence my whole life going forward.
Diana W.
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Participants are invited to arrive from 4.30pm with the first session beginning at 6pm. We will send you on your way with a delicious lunch on the last day leaving you satisfied and ready to hit the road at about 2pm.

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Thank you Michelle and Ollie for everything I experienced and learnt on this August’s yoga retreat, from the yoga to meditation, laughter and challenge, I feel you have helped me develop physically, mentally and spiritually. An absolutely priceless journey that has developed my appreciation for nature and simplicity as well as given me a deeper insight into the positive affects of cleansing diets on the body, I'm already looking forward to the next retreat.
Lisa Pilkington, August 2014

7:45- 8:30

Gentle wake up with movement, Meditation, and Pranayama




Gentle Yoga Asana, deep relaxation, and restful meditation



15:30 - 16.30

Restorative yoga or walk

17:15 - 18.15



20:00 - 21:00

Evening circle with songs and bedtime treats
We have had to cancel our retreats this year due to the pandemic. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to hear when we will begin again

Accommodation options:
Shared room shared bathroom - £450
Shared room ensuite - £475
Single room shared bathroom - £499
Single ensuite - £520
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The retreat was a wonderful experience. Michelle and Ollie were unstinting in their energy and enthusiasm, and together they filled the days with an amazing variety of activities. Their passion and humour made for an outstanding retreat experience in a beautiful setting.
Lucy H.
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