"Unwind and Receive" Yoga Retreat
April 3-5th 2020
Bala Brook, Dartmoor, Devon

Do you need life to feel more easeful?
Can you forgive yourself and accept things when they don't go well?
Do you find yourself always rushing and yet still feel you can't meet deadlines and required standards?
Would you like a more healthy relationship with food?

If you would like to come to a place of deep rest and to receive profound transformation, then join me, Michelle Levi, for a weekend of yoga and related practices that focus on finding ways to be more kind, nurturing and compassionate to ourselves.

As we take time away from our usual stressors we can bring some fresh awareness to our habitual ways of thinking and consciously encourage a more generous attitude towards ourselves and others.

The yoga will be suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners, I have over 15 years of practice in teaching a range of abilities.

The venue is a perfect place for this kind of contemplation - practice yoga to the sound of bubbling brook, wake up to birdsong. Let your senses feast on the delicious scents and beautiful colours of the wild and garden flowers. Wander freely through the woods and enjoy the spaciousness of the open moors.

All in all, the schedule, the venue and location, and the generous care from the team will ensure that you are safely held in a nurturing environment making way for deep relaxation, for growth and for healing.

The food served will be delicious, nutritious and especially suitable for practitioners of yoga and meditation. It will be mostly organic and PEOPLE ON VEGAN AND GLUTEN FREE DIETS ARE MOST WELCOME!
We will explore mindfulness of eating to improve our relationship with food and to enhance our digestion.

In the evenings we will enjoy a moment to sing together. With no need for musical ability, singing is a gentle form of exercise - it works the lungs and heart, oxygenates the blood and generates endorphins - happy hormones!

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Participants are invited to arrive from 4.30pm with the first session beginning at 6pm. We will send you on your way with a delicious lunch on the last day leaving you satisfied and ready to hit the road at about 2pm.

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It was a joy to learn from michelle. Her gentle and loving manner as well as her wealth of knowledge and experience helped to create a safe atmosphere of trust in which to learn and explore.
Eva 2015




Guided Reflection



15:30 - 16.30

Group walk / meditation

17:15 - 18.00




Evening session with songs and bedtime treats
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Accommodation options:
Shared room shared bathroom - £250
Shared room ensuite - £270
Single room shared bathroom - £295
Single ensuite - £320
Accommodation options
Wonderful, mindful teaching, sensitive to the individuals in the group, a space to reconnect to my spirit and appreciate my connection to the whole. Thank you
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Thank you, through your tender, loving care I’ve finally opened to Yoga. I love your teachings so much and I feel so healthy and happy now after this retreat. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Christine, 2011