Ollie Frame

I have been part of the Holistic Yoga Retreats team since 2011, leading the cooking workshops, teaching mindfulness of eating, guiding meditations and yoga nidra journeys, and co-hosting the bhajans and music sessions alongside Michelle.

I have trained in Mindfulness with the University of Bangor's Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice, and am additionally trained in Integrative Counselling, and Polarity Therapy (an eclectic and broad-based healing modality based on Ayurveda). I have a particular interest in depth psychology, inner journeying, dreamwork and Psychosynthesis, all of which I integrate into my therapy practice.

I am passionate about the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra, a lying-down meditation in which participants are guided through various stages of self-healing, visualisation, breathwork and profound relaxation. Whilst remaining faithful to the spirit of the original practice, my style of Yoga Nidra incorporates innovations and developments that are designed to make the practice as accessible and as effective as possible for western yogis in the modern world.
Ollie Frame
For the last ten years, I have catered on spiritual retreats of many kinds, creating my own wholefood recipes that combine the wisdom of ancient traditions with the vibrancy and vitality of contemporary innovation and fusion. A long-time student and fan of the ancient Indian healing tradition of Ayurveda, I seek to bring an awareness of the healing qualities of the ingredients that I use and the importance of adapting dietary choices to suit one’s constitution. Alongside this, I teach mindfulness of eating, which attunes people to their bodies, their nutritional needs and their deeper relationship with food.

Widely travelled and multilingual, my adventures over the years have included travelling overland to India on trains and buses, crewing on a yacht across the Atlantic and a solo trip across the mountains of Pakistan on horseback. When it comes to spiritual practice, I mainly turn to Yogic philosophy and Buddhism for insight and wisdom, but I am equally comfortable using the language and imagery of many other different religions and spiritual paths.