About Pranayama

Pranayama can be translated as the expansion and increasing of our vital life force.  We absorb Prana (life force) most directly through the breath and through our food. 
In the pranayama exercises of Hatha Yoga we manipulating the breath - breathing into different areas of the body, using specific rhythms and movements. We learn to hold the breath in to energise our system and to increase our capacity to store Prana; we hold the breath out to direct the energy in the subtle body with the ultimate aim of purifying both body and mind.

The rhythmic breathing exercises of the Hatha Yoga tradition are strong practices which bring profound benefits: they purify the body and the nadis (the energy channels) releasing blockages and stress and helping us feel a greater sense of balance and clarity. Pranayama is an important step on the path of yoga as it helps the individual connect with the universal energy that is all around us and flowing through us.

At Holistic Yoga Retreats we recognize the power of these practises and so we introduce them in a safe and simple manner respecting each person’s individuality.

On our retreats we also offer guidance on how and what to eat with a view to increasing and maintaining a healthy level of prana (vital life force).  As well as looking at the actual choice of food, we place importance on the freshness of the food and on how and where it was produced.  We give advice on how to eat for maximum absorption of nutrients and of Prana and we advise also on how to know when to stop eating! - The secret of the Yogic Burp!
Pranayama breath work